Mark Abernethy

Creative director / designer. Getting more and more into Web 3.

A creative partner, to help you grow—from right now to what’s next.

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VISION drives innovation /
SUPERVISION keeps everything on track.

Working with C-Suite, Founders and Client Partners for over 20 years, I’ve build a reputation (and my practice) on four pillars:



Design is a Catalyst for Change.



Branding is Reputation-building.



Understanding forms the Basis of Collaboration.



Bridging Business Goals with User Needs is How you Succeed.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Creative + Collaborative

Director, Designer and Founder
(20+ years)

(15+ years)

Proof of Work

Arguably the most reliable creative professional in Toronto.
Runner up: Auston Mathews

Craig (@Nerder), on working with HelloCrypto and Leapfrog and HelloCrypto

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That’s probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.


I’m never asking you another question ever again.

Frances (Daughter)

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If you need to bring creative leadership and brand strategy into the mix— I can help.

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Case Studies

I’ve led brand strategy and user experience design for digital media, consumer products, e-commerce, and content marketing. My goal is always to develop a clear creative vision and to enable teams to collaborate and build effectively.

A few examples:



Learn How to Stop Worrying and Love the Blockchain.

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Web Design, Content Marketing, E-Commerce

6 Min Read

HelloCrypto Case Study



Skip the Salesman— It’s 99% Better than Buying a New Car the Old Way.

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Web Design, Investor Materials, Content Marketing, E-Commerce

4 Min Read

Leapfrog Case Study



Beyond Sustainability—Making a Net Positive Impact.

Creative Direction, Visual Design, Information Design, Edtorial Design, Production, Content Strategy E-Commerce

4 Min Read

Humanscale Case Study


We The Champs

Join the Raptors NBA Championship Parade (in 360VR)

Experience Design, Mixed Reality, 360 VR Video, Visual Design, Research and Content Development

2 Min Read

See for Yourself

Writing and Editing

A few articles I produced and edited for HelloCrypto.com


The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Crypto Safe.

With great power, comes great responsibility.



Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Blockchain.

Understanding the Risks of Buying, Sending and Storing Crypto



What Exactly is Web 3.0?

For starters, it promises to free our data from the walled gardens of Big Tech.


What I Can Do for Your Team


Creative Direction

As a Creative Director, I see myself as a bridge between inspiration and execution. I help find the common ground between brand strategy, business goals and audience expectations.

Vision with Supervision.

I've headed creative services departments, led mutli-disciplincary design teams, and been a founder in companies like HelloCrypto, Leapfrog and RHFS. This gives me the first hand experience and confidence to work with senior leadership, key stakeholders and clients.

Brand Strategy

A brand is a reputation.

It’s what other people think, not what we'd say. It’s where a business and its audience, customer, and/or users meet.

I can help you build your reputation. Either adding to what people have come to expect and appreciate already, introduce them to something new and improved, or both.

Experience Design

I can see what you mean.

The best experiences tend to be ones where the audience actively participates. The next evolution of online content (Web 3.0) will be built on community.

My background in visual communications design and years of experience working with major design applications means I can walk the walk, and talk the talk.

I work directly with Founders, C-Suite and Senior Leadership to support a path to businesses growth and transformation.

There are two ways to make this happen. Each option depends on availability, budget and timing.

On-going Retainer

Hire me as a fractional creative director.

What this means:
I can strengthen your leadership team by bringing creative direction and brand strategy to new initiatives, in-house and on an continual basis.

Based on hours or days per week.

Having a veteran creative director who understands your business goals, audience, and brand can be transformative. Aligning these elements can propel a shared your vision forward. This arrangement prioritizes ongoing strategic involvement and creative leadership. It doesn't require a full-time commitment, instead offering the flexibility of a longer term investment and lasting partnership.


Build something together with my supervision.

What this means:
In this case we’d establish a Scope of Work to determine and allocate resources, timing, and budget.

I’d assemble a team of experts: usually designers, animators, photographers, researchers, writers, developers and project management. We’d produce work that’s ready to launch or hand off to your developers/team.

For Example:

Creating a Brand Strategy, Developing a Visual Identity System, Refining Web / UX Design, Producing Explainer Videos, Designing Marketing and Campaign Materials

Either of these arrangements would start out as a conversation, which would start by you sending me an email.

Compensation / Budget TBD.

Yeah so... what exactly is your problem?

I just want you to know that I’m here for you, if you ever want to talk about it. (via email please)
No pressure obviously.



I’ve helped bring some of the world’s best known brands online by guiding their evolution. I’ve also helped a few startups to get things started.

Here's my Resume (Download PDF)

ATS-friendly HR Format (.docx)


20+ Years in the Making

I’ve had opportunities to learn from incredible teachers, collaborate with remarkable clients and to lead some truly exceptional creative teams.

#gratitude, #m4rk

Timeline /

Straight from 98

Want to see a few of my oldest clients and projects going back to the dawn of the Y2K era?

This collection goes way way back (like since the wayback). I've even reversed the chronological order so that the very oldest things I could find in the archives are right at the beginning.

Prophecy Snowboards
BMW Canada
HP for Business
Prophecy Snowboards
Prophecy Snowboards

Design and Portfolio Archives (Circa 1998—2008)

Prophecy Snowboard Co., Mercedes-Benz USA, NASA, BMW Canada, Cadillac, Saab, Accenture, HP

Creative Direction / Design

Bottom Line

Stand for Something
or You'll Fall for Anything.



Exceptional Clients get Exceptional Work.

Milton Glaser (I ♥️ NY)


Web3, Blockchain Technology, A.I. and Mixed Reality all offer unique opportunities to empower people and make brands more relevant.

This is a chance to grow.

It's an opportunity that cannot afford to be passsed up.

It means finding new ways to offer engagement and building experiences that resonate with people’s needs, preferences, and expectations. Creators (Brands) that get this right are going to come out on top.

For me this also means finding new partners and applications and working together to prepare for what's next.

Let's go.